distribution facilities

Kiboko Enterprises Limited is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods distributor with a solid distribution network to serve the customers and market base. We currently cover almost 70% of Uganda’s regions through our access to more than 24,000 outlets and are targeting to surpass 35,000 by 2018. This is made possible through focusing on the following key distribution aspects to maintain the already established reputation.

  1. Retail Vans: We have a fleet of retail vans that distribute to the different areas in and around Kampala and districts outside Kampala.
  2. Qualified Workforce: We are proud of our formidable work force which includes sales representatives, merchandisers, sales supervisors and marketing team that serves our clients.
  3. Sub distributors: These are individuals or companies that are KEL proxies permitted to handle distribution and sales on behalf of Kiboko and operate under the same guidelines as Kiboko personnel.


Plot No.28B-32B-34B, PO Box 31376 Coronation Avenue, UMA Show Grounds Lugogo Kampala, Uganda


+256 312 380 800